Pleated Merv 10 Filters

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And now you can have these heavy-duty, commercial-grade filters delivered right to your home for less than you’d pay at a home improvement store for inferior throwaway filters.

The 26 point clay coated, kraft-board die cut frame, diagonal and horizontal support members, radial wedge design and expanded metal media support create one of the most rigid filters of its type in the industry.

These filters are constructed of a bacteria and water-resistant 100% polypropylene media, bonded to an expanded metal support grid using water resistant adhesive.

Built to stand up to the most demanding conditions, these MERV 8-rated pleated air filters eliminate airborne contaminants from your home or office for 90 days, under normal conditions!

Features & Benefits

  • Lasts Up to 90 Days Under Normal Conditions
  • Moisture and Bacteria Resistant
  • Electrostatic Enhanced 100% Synthetic Media
  • Filters Out 90% Of Mold Spores And Pet Dander
  • Meets the American Lung Association® Health House® Indoor Air Quality Guidelines
  • Strong, Rugged Industrial Double Strength Frame
  • Low Initial Resistance to Air Flow
  • Durable, Non-Warping Metal Web Backing
  • Extended Dust Holding Capacity Radial Pleated Media
  • MERV8 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) per ASHRAE 52.2

Specifications Sheet

For more information about Pleated Merv 10 Filters, download the specifications sheet:

Download Merv 10 Spec Sheet