Link Panel Filters

The M-3 Panels & Links are constructed with a premium grade, l00% polyester fiber, 3-stage media. The M-3 features a dry open web on the air entering side serving as a first stage prefilter, catching only the larger particles. Smaller particles are caught by the second ply of finer denier fibers. The final layer is a tightly needled matrix treated with a non-migrating tackifier to catch and hold the smallest particles.


These filters are treated with an aggressive tackifier which is sticky to the touch, but will not transfer to hands, clothing, or coils. They also offer the additional advantage of being linkable. The self-gasketing, friction fit frames can often eliminate the need for extra mounting hardware. The l00% polyester filters will not absorb moisture and are designed for normal to humid HVAC systems.


The M-3 Panels & Links are designed for use in commercial and industrial applications requiring higher levels of performance. These filters are also used extensively in paint booths to clean incoming air before it reaches the spraying surface. The M-3 Panels & Links are highly effective in typical HVAC applications and as a prefilter to high efficiency filters.

Features & Benefits

  • Achieves MERV 8
  • Aggressive tackifier on final layer traps and holds dirt particles
  • Self- gasketing design prevents air by-pass that lowers efficiency
  • Three stage filtration
  • Galvanized internal 9 gauge wire ring frame
  • The media will not support growth of fungus or bacteria
  • Replaces pleats and fiberglass throwaways
  • Designed for rugged and higher humidity commercial/industria/ applications
  • A wide range of standard and custom sizes available
  • Available in link configuration

Specifications Sheet

For more information about Link Panel Filters, download the specifications sheet:

Download Link Panel Filters Spec Sheet

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