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Engineering Specification

All filters shall be medium efficiency, internally supported ring panels, consisting of multiple layers of 100% non-woven polyester media and 9 gauge internal wire frame. The media shall be white on the upstream side and blue on the downstream side of the filter.


The filter media shall be comprised of multiple layers of progressively dense, non-woven polyester fibers. Larger fibers are incorporated on the upstream side of the filter, with the fibers becoming increasingly smaller on the downstream side. The media shall be thermally sealed around a 9 gauge internal wire frame, which provides strength and support during installation, operation and removal. A self-sealing media gasket shall be incorporated into the construction of this filter by utilizing the overlap or selvage of excess media, which is created during the heat-sealing process. A non-migratory, in-line tackifier shall be bonded to the downstream media fibers, which increases the filter's dust holding capacity and overall filtration efficiency.


The filter shall have a MERV of 7, and an average Arrestance of 92% when evaluated in accordance with ANSI/ ASH RAE Standard 52.2. The minimum dust holding capacity, when tested in accordance with this Standard, shall be no less than 180 grams. Initial resistance to airflow, when tested at 300 fpm, shall not exceed 0.35 in. wg. The filter shall be Class 900 listed by Underwriters Laboraories.

Typical Applications

AFP200P Ring Panels may be used as a stand-along filter when specifications require a MERV 7 filter or in higher dust-laden air applications in light commercial or as a prefilter for higher efficiency final filtration in the following applications:

  • Residential
  • Large Commercial Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Construction and Renovation Projects
  • Schools and Institutional Buildings
  • Hospital & Healthcare Facilities
  • Food Manufacturing and Preparation
  • Domestic Animal Husbandry

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