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Cotton and fiberglass fibers are vulnerable to humidity, but the patented fibers of Healthy Home Filters withstand the effects of moisture. And these filters offer triple the efficiency and service life of fiberglass or poly disposable panel filters.

The revolutionary internal metal frame and gasketing edge of Healthy Home Filters eliminate collapse-prone paper frames and allow for 30% more filter surface area, along with stopping the dirty and inefficient air bypass that plagues ordinary filters.

Healthy Home Filters’ advanced antimicrobial system does not support or feed the growth of bacteria and fungi (unlike paper-framed filters). The fibers are chemically bonded with an antimicrobial agent that kills all microorganisms that come into contact with it — reducing airborne microorganisms by up to 86.5% in one pass!

Features & Benefits

  • 10 Times More Effective than Standard HVAC Filters
  • Eliminate Bacteria & Germs with Advanced Antimicrobial Fibers
  • Up to 98.6% Efficient at 2 microns
  • Self-Sealing Frame Eliminates Dirty Air Bypass
  • 100 Days of Air Cleaning Filtration Under Normal Conditions
  • No Fiberglass to Contribute to Skin, Eye or Respiratory Irritation
  • Unique Internal Wire Frame Allows for 30% More Filter Surface Area

Specifications Sheet

For more information about Healthy Home Filters, download the specifications sheet:

Download Healthy Home Filters Spec Sheet