Fiberglass Pocket Filters

Fiberglass Pocket Filter

The Fiberglass Pocket filters ore constructed of on ultra fine gloss fiber media. The media is bonded to a thin nonwoven synthetic backing and sewn with multiple rows of expanded stitching. The stitch is flexible to help maintain pocket shape in changing conditions. All stitching is sealed with thermoplastic resin to prevent any possible leakage. The header is constructed of 26 gouge galvanized steel to prevent rusting and provide rigid support to the filter face.


Fiberglass Pocket filters offer high efficiency filtration while maintaining low resistance to air flow. The open throat design and the precise pocket spacing produce a product which is aerodynamically balanced allowing even contaminant loading throughout the life of the filter.


The Fiberglass Pocket filters ore suitable in most medium to high efficiency applications. These filters ore used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications, such as hospitals, schools, automotive plants and a variety of special applications. Specialty application areas include: oil mist collection, fume collection and collection of heavy concentrated fine airborne contaminants. These filters fit into most standard built up filter bonks or side access housing systems without any modification.

Features & Benefits

  • Medium to High efficiency per ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2007
  • Open throat design for optimum air flow
  • Galvanized steel header and )-channels for filter strength
  • Low initial pressure drop provides longer service life
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Gasketing available
  • Pocket support loops are available
  • Underwriters Laboratories classified to UL 900

Specifications Sheet

For more information about Fiberglass Pocket Filters, download the specifications sheet:

Download Fiberglass Pocket Filters Spec Sheet

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