Mini Pleats

Extended surface self-supported mini-pleat filter

Pleat Filter

AIRFLOW MINI PLEAT extended surface self-supported mini pleat filters are designed for use in air filtration systems and equipment where medium to high efficiency filtration is required. Available in a wide variety of standard sizes and nominal 2″ & 4″ depths, the AIRFLOW MINI PLEAT provides optimal performance in variable air volume systems.

The injection molded polypropylene frame and thermally bonded polypropylene media separators provide strength and rigidity to this product.

The media pack, comprised of non-shedding, gradient density polypropylene fibers, is bonded to the inside perimeter of the enclosure frame by a moisture resistant adhesive, providing a continuous and positive seal.

Pleat Filter

The all synthetic composition of frame, media pack and separators are not adversely affected by moisture and do not support the growth of microbial organisms such as bacteria, mold and fungi, etc.

The standard offering is rated by Underwriters Laboratories as Class II, per UL Standard 900.

Rigid construction, extended surface, low initial pressure drop measured in inches w.g., long service life, savings in energy costs and shipping costs are features and benefits which make the AIRFLOW MINI PLEAT an excellent option for meeting the requirements of medium to high efficiency filtration.

The Airflow MiniPleat is made from 100% synthetic polypropylene media bonded with a water resistant adhesive to a 100% polypropylene plastic frame. The Airflow MiniPieat is available in standard sizes in nominal 2″ & 4″ depth in 65%, 85%, 95% and 98% efficiencies per ASHRAE 52.1.

Features & Benefits

  • Non-shedding, gradient density polypropylene media
  • Polypropylene injection molded frame – Nominal 2″ & 4″ depths
  • Polypropylene polymer thermally bonded separators
  • Media bonded to frame using polypropylene adhesive
  • Available in 65%, 85%, 95% and 98% efficiencies as per ASHRAE 51.2
  • MERV ratings 11, 13, 14 and 15 as per ASHRAE 52.2
  • UL Class II as rated per UL 900 standard

Specifications Sheet

For more information about Airflow Mini Pleat Filters, download the specifications sheet:

Download Mini Pleat Spec Sheet

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