Carbon Pleated Filters

Carbon Pleated Filter

All filters are medium efficiency, pleated type air filters, consisting of non-woven polyester media, impregnated with activated carbon, media support grid and two-piece enclosure frame.


The dual-stage filter media shall be comprised of synthetic fibers upstream, forming the particulate layer, laminated to a carbon impregnated gas phase layer, which shall maintain a uniform depth of 0.18″, and shall be pleated into a wedge shaped “V” configuration.

A galvanized expanded steel support grid shall be bonded to the downstream side of the media to maintain the wedge shaped pleat configuration and to prevent media oscillation.

The two-piece enclosure frame, constructed of26-28 point, high wet strength clay coated kraft board, shall include overlapping flaps and interlocking corners to provide optimum strength and support of the pleated element. The fra me shall be bonded to the pleated element at all contact points, thus providing uniform pl eat spacing, allowing for optimum airflow and preventing air bypass.

The filter shall have no less than 12.0 square feet of media area, based on nominal dimensions of24″x24″x2″, (10 pleats per linear foot).


The filter shall have a MERV rating, (Minimum Effici ency Reporting Value) of8, when evaluated in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 52.2-1999.

The filter shall have an average dust spot efficiency of 30-35%, when evaluated in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 52.1-1992.

The initial resistance to airflow, when tested at 500 fpm, shall not exceed 0.35″ wg. The filter shall be classified by Underwriters Laboratories as UL II.

Features & Benefits

  • Achieves Merv 8
  • The media will not support growth of fungus or bacteria
  • Aggressive tackifier on final layer traps and holds dirt particles
  • Self- gasketing design prevents air by-pass that lowers efficiency

Specifications Sheet

For more information about Carbon Pleated Filters, download the specifications sheet:

Download Carbon Pleated Spec Sheet

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